European Dueling Rapier 17th Century This particular rapier seems to be designed or created for one function only, dueling. No doubt this rapier has seen extensive use and combat, the guard resembles a lantern and seems to have had better days, extensive repairs have being made to it.. Replicated from a 17th century German piece, the Solingen Rapier exhibits the blade-catcher style of quillons used throughout northern Europe. All of the rapiers have stainless steel hilts, for reduced maintenance, and high-carbon steel flex-tempered blades. The swept-hilt rapiers have now been redesigned to provide. A rapier with Caino mark dating: late 16th Century provenance: North Italy Straight blade of hexagonal section, with central grooved at the forte, featuring unclear inscriptions, concave ricasso with stamp and mark "CAINO" on both sides; iron hilt with arms of the hilt, with ring and lower-ring chiselled and engraved with floral motifs. Basierend auf deutschen Rapieren des 17.Jahrhunderts, spiegeln der Solingen Rapier und der passende Linkshanddolch die Vollkommenheit ihrer zeitgenössischen Originale in einzigartiger Weise wieder. Die S-förmig gewundene Parierstange schützt die Hand ohne sie zu behindern, die geschmiedete Klinge besteht aus Kohlenstoffstahl, die Scheide ist .... Mar 06, 2021 · A rapier made by German swordmaker Meves Berns c. 1610-1620 CE. Steel blade, hilt decorated with silver and copper wire. Solingen, Germany. 120.2 cm (47 5/16.... Antique Old 18 Century German Germany Solingen Rapier Sword Blade Opens in a new window or tab. Pre-Owned. C $618.87. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. from United States. ... 1 product rating - Pakistan El Cid Rapier 37 1/2" overall. 29" unsharpened stainless blade. Black m. Matching the Solingen Rapier, the Solingen Main Gauche provides an authentically-styled parrying weapon, with a high-carbon steel blade and a stainless steel hilt (for reduced maintenance). Replicated from a 17th century German piece. The Main Gauche, or left hand dagger, was often used with the rapier, providing an added dimension in both. Based on models of 17th century swept-hilt rapiers of German ancestry, the Hanwei Solingen Rapier is an excellent rendition of the timely originals. And so is also this matching companion dagger, the Solingen Main Gauche, an authentically styled parrying weapon which is also manufactured at Paul Chen's factory. More information. A SPANISH RAPIER Late 17 t h Century With very slender tapering blade of stiff-diamond section, stamped 'In Solingen' within the short fuller on both sides at the forte, rectangular ricasso struck with bladesmith's mark on the outer face, iron hilt of rounded bars, comprising straight quillons and knuckle-guard each decorated with incised lines and mouldings at the median points and terminals .... "/> Solingen rapier
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